What If…?

what if I simply show up
what if I set up My table
my sign
my table cloth
what if I lay my spread
might not be the best
but it’s what I’ve got
what if I become an active participant
join the world I long to be a part of
meet like-hearted individuals

what then?
people may stop to browse my wares
some may stay and others go
what then
a genuine connection could be made
between fellow creator and audience alike
what then
I may at last be liberated to create freely
i could loosen my grip on my oppressor’s chains that I chose to still hold
what then

Thank you guys for checking out my poem! It is the first time I’ve written a poem in a long, long, loooooonnnnnng time. It was something that has been weighing on my mind and heart but haven’t had the time (or tools) to really process it until now.

This was in part inspired by Carrie Hope Fletcher and a contribution to her art challenge, if you will, in her video “May, Myself and I!“. She gave one word prompts that are meant to inspire something creative each and every day of May. Could be video, poem, what have you.


First Vlog In Some Time…

Hey guys! Sorry, it has been so long but thanks for sticking by me. There are some details going on in the background that I’m not willing to share at this time. If the explanation for my absence in the vlog seems a little weird, that would be why. I gave as much information as I felt comfortable with at this time.

Image Of Black Holes, Creativity, VR Comes To Hyrule And Mushroom Kingdom

Greetings awesome people!

Still fairly busy on my end, but here are 05 things I thought were pretty awesome this week that I want to share with you!

  1. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey are getting a VR support update come April 25. I am super excited about being able to explore Hyrule in VR!!
  2. In conversing with my father about films, creativity, and originality, I was reminded of the documentary Everything is a Remix which I highly recommend watching it (be it for the first or 2,000th time).
  3. The Tulip Festival is about to start in my hometown of Mount Vernon, WA. I got a chance to take some photographs the other day.
  4. The first ever image of a black hole has been published! It’s times like these I think about how many people said it was impossible to do.
  5. I had fun exploring the art exhibit at the Washington Spring Fair. So many amazing works of art reminded me the importance of play and focusing on process over product.

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Joker Trailer, Nintendo Online Deal, and Awesome Creative Resources

Greetings awesome people!

It is once again time for me to share a list of things I thought were interesting from the past week. This week is a little short because I had some admin work to do at my job. Next week I should be back to the full 10. Enjoy!

  1. Twitch/Amazon and Nintendo made a deal where you can get a year of Nintendo Online for free with your Amazon/Twitch Prime account. If you only have an Amazon Prime account, you are eligible to get a Twitch Prime account.
  2. My training is completed this week and I am excited to not only get to work on my job but have more free time to make content for my youtube channel and more. (I’ve got plans.)
  3. Keep Going by Austin Kleon finally came out! I’ve got a digital copy on my phone and I’ll be picking up a hard copy for my desk/bliss station later on.
  4. NPR has a training website which has a lot of tips and tricks for story crafting, audio engineering, social media, and more.
  5. The Dead Don’t Die trailer has been released. I’m willing to give the film a shot but I will wait for more details before deciding if it’s a film I’ll watch in theaters or wait until Netflix.
  6. The trailer for Joker came out and I am optimistic about it. It doesn’t look like it’s part of the DC Extended Universe. In my opinion, DC makes their best films when they aren’t actively trying to compete with the MCU.

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Get A Year Of Nintendo Switch Online With Your Amazon/Twitch Prime Account

No, it’s not a scam or click bait. You can actually get a year of Nintendo Switch Online for free with an Amazon or Twitch Prime account.

All you have to do is go to twitch.amazon.com/prime/loot/nintendo?ref_=NSO1, click “Claim Now,” and sign in with your Amazon or Twitch Prime account.

They divided it out so you only claim three months at first. If you keep your Prime account (twitch or otherwise) for 60 days you can claim the remaining nine months. Simple solution: add an alert on your phone or schedule it on your calendar.

You do have to claim the first three months between March 28, 2019 and September 24, 2019. The additional nine months needs to be claimed by January 22, 2020.

Nintendo Switch Online doesn’t just allow you to play your favorite games with others over the internet but gives you access to a bunch of Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) games for free. This includes the original Legend of Zelda game, Metroid, Mario Bros., and more. The NES games that have a multiplayer mode can be played not just on the coach with your best friend but with your friends online!

Zombie-Comedy Films, Awesome Books, And More!

Greetings awesome people!

Here are some things I wanted to share with you all that I think are pretty neat.

  1. Bill Murray is staring in a zombie film titled “The Dead Don’t Die” directed and written by Jim Jarmusch. I haven’t heard much about it but I dig Murray’s dead pan comedy and would love to see how it plays out in a comedy.
  2. One of my favorite authors, Austin Kleon, is coming out with a new book April 2nd titles “Keep Going.” The book is based on a talk he gave at Bond 2018.
  3. In speaking of books, I started reading “An Absolutely Remarkable Thing” by Hank Green and I absolutely love it! The humor is wonderful. Plus, I really enjoy the lesson behind the quote:

    “Look, guys, it’s easy to make something cool look cool, that’s why everyone picks cool things. Ultimately, though, cool is always going to be boring. What if we can make something dumb look amazing? Something unmarketable, awesome? That’s a real challenge. That takes real skill. Let’s show real skill.”

  4. The Game Grumps started playing one of my most favorite Sonic the Hedgehog games of all time, Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.
  5. I’ve been rereading and meditating on Ira Glass’ quote about the initial gap all creatives have to overcome to get to where they want to be. I feel it’s an important quote that we all should revisit every now and then just to remember where we came from, accnowledge where we are, and have a clear sight of what’s on the horizon.
  6. Samsung recently shared a video of their Galaxy Fold and how it holds up to being folded and unfolded multiple times on twitter. I am genuinely impressed with this technology and how it may be useful to creatives who like to travel light in the future.
  7. Starbomb also announced their new album will be available to preorder come April 5th! Tryforce is an amazing title for their third album.
  8. Pascal Compian Art has been posting an amazing BTS comic about how he works and creates things! I love this one in particular.
  9. CNET did a bit about the new Nintendo Labo VR game and I am excited about it! I hope this paved the way for Nintendo Switch to become the most affordable home VR system available on market.
  10. Pixel is being a typical cat and chose the cheap second hand bed over the more expensive one my wife ordered from Amazon.

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Changing How Social Media Effects The User (I.E. Me)

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I’ve recently found myself falling into a weird pit of… despair? Not quite sure if that’s the right word for it but it will do. It definately feels like a loss of something. To help fill this void, I’ve been thinking about making films (and not doing them due to either flat out perfectionism based procrastination, though I am doing better now since writing Forget the noun; do the verb and Done Is Better Than Perfect, or my current job deciding to take up more time than actually needed), writing in my blog (but overly analyzing everything I say and end up tossing the whole post), trying to give myself some mental health time (but my current job, again, takes up a lot of this and doesn’t allow me to be introverted at all for the time being), and eventually start searching for inspiration and meaning in social media (but quickly become distracted my nonsense in my feeds and contributing to a meaningless post).

In short: I am stressed and have placed a lot of limitations on myself that shouldn’t exist and crave value in the things I do.

The social media issue is really where the tip of the iceberg showed up about value. When I can’t decide what to say or am having difficulty trying to say it in such a way that hides the original message for a more “mass appealing” strategy to collect eyes and clicks, I tend to sit there on social media looking for some sort of connection, possibly escapism, or inspiration.

The problem with this is that my social media is filled with content that doesn’t add value to my present exhistence. (Side note: my anxiety is now already trying to reedit this post to be shorter, more relavent, and linked to other websites that have articles similar to what I am trying to say ultimately watering down my original message and intent. FML.) On my twitter feed I have people complaining about how Batman shouldn’t be killing people because that’s something he would never do, completely ignoring the fact that during the golden age of comics he did and used a gun too without hesitation (There, anxiety. I did the thing. Shut up.), people somehow thinking that Dumbledore being gay is news and that they should have done a better job of showing it in Crimes of Grindelwald (they showed it like they would a heterosexual relationship that is not super plot relavant: subtly), and facebook is even worse since it’s foundation is to create an impermeable social bubble full of echo chambers and bias.

This is not a new problem, neither for myself or anyone else in this day and age. Being so interconnected, we’ve developed a culture of allowing insertive conjecture that doesn’t add much value to our day to day life.

Taking similar steps to Casey Neistat in Goodbye Social Media, I completely deleted facebook from my phone. I still have the messanger app so friends and family who deliberately want to talk to me can, but facebook is long gone. This has helped out a ton so far. Now I hang out on twitter a lot of the time.

Twitter is a wonderful, open platform in my opinion. I can connect with amazing people I would have never otherwise had contact with. People like Holly Brockwell (an amazing tech journalist and founder of Gadgette) and Kristen (youtuber, mental health advocate, and allround awesome person doing awesome stuff) whom I’ve never met but have influenced me greatly. But I am getting a lot of noise from other people that needs to stop.

I think filters are extremely healthy. There is a difference between actively participating in a debate and having a debate flung right at you at 1000mph. I’ve begun filtering out some of my feed to ensure that when I scroll, I am getting something of value from scrolling. But scrolling can also be a problem too.

I’m beginning to build the habit of deliberately using social media. Even if my feed is full of awesome people from all walks of life that produce content that I value (which may obviously be different than what anyone else values and that’s completely, 100% ok) I want to make sure I am respecting them and their work be deliberately seeking it out. I feel that passive scrolling is not giving the proper respect to the work people have put their heart and souls in.

Applying a filter to what content is consumed and being deliberate when consuming it should reap major mental health benafits in the long run. It will be hard to build up these new habits but it will be worth it in the end, I feel.