About RyanJBarnes.com

RyanJBarnes.com is a website that contributes creations, ideas, and knowledge to the ever growing creative community online. It’s a website that is a way for me to connect with my audience whether they be fans of art, collaborators, or what have you. It’s also a source of updates on what I am up to with projects. In short, I try to post informative, inspirational, and entertaining material to help brighten up the day of anyone who needs it or inspire them to keep moving with their goals and dreams.

History of RyanJBarnes.com

I had started RyanJBarnes.com a few months ago as I was nearing the end of my university experience. I needed a place to post my film and photography work that wasn’t just YouTube and instagram. A proper portfolio site for professional people to see.

I graduated from university with my bachelor’s in filmmaking (technically in “digital cinematography” but the classes focused on so much more than just cinematography but I still wasn’t doing enough to really get out there with my material. My website and the platforms I put my work onto really suffered for it. Something was preventing me from being the best creator I can be and it was about time I did something about it.

I knew one thing that was stopping my was that even though I moved fairly far from my hometown, I was still in my comfort bubble. I was seeking primarily contract jobs that weren’t in my field partly because they were the only jobs available and also filmmaking jobs wanted an additional 5 years experience in the field with the 4 year degree. I felt really stuck until I asked myself “so, what can I do?”

I didn’t want to stop creating but I needed a job that would help support a family and help me grow as a creative through experience. I looked for a job in the military and enlisted as what is basically a photo journalist. The experience I got from basic training alone had taught me so much about myself and what direction I need to move in. So much so I was able to revisit what RyanJBarnes.com is about.

I learned that a big part of why I wasn’t posting my creations was an issue of not feeling like I was enough. I also knew, due to research in the matter and asking friends about it, that I wasn’t the only artist that feels this way from time to time. It’s a big problem in the community that I am not sure there is any one angle to attack. I believe Professor Elemental put it best in his track “Make Good Art Pt. 2”: “Successful people feel like frauds like they’ll be found out, one knock on the door ‘sorry, sir, it’s all over. you’ve been caught.”

Thus, RyanJBarnes.com now has a new mission statement: To create and share content that helps encourage others to do more with their own work. To reach out and become part of the creative community online. To engage in a community of love and support for one another to be the best us we can be because we are worthy of living a life that is fulfilling. To be a good older brother of the internet and the creative community within by making sure other creatives at least know they don’t have to feel the way I felt and stay locked up inside to the best of my ability.

About the Creator

From a very early age I was excited to listen to stories and learn not only about the world around me but the entire global stage we all take part in. My mother use to read to me from an encyclopedia of fairytales and folktales from around the world, pointing on her globe exactly where a story came from. She would give me notebooks to write my observations, adventures, and feelings in.

My father and I use to bond by watching movies and cartoons together and I became infatuated with the art of visual storytelling. I loved the whole cinema experience and wanted to learn more about it.

When I was a kid I got my first point and shoot camera. I experimented with perspective, angles, and different forms of photography. Mostly I enjoyed capturing candid photos and slices of life in its purest form.

In high school, I became obsessed with creative writing. In my free time I taught myself how to write narratives, essays, poetry, and scripts. I rarely shared my work, keeping it mostly only within a very close circle of friends.

I moved on to university and studied filmmaking there. It combined my love for visual arts and storytelling in a way that nothing else really could. It was around this time that I also learned about vlogging and started experimenting with it. I learned that the biggest passion I have is for sharing stories and my cabinet of curiosities. I also learned that I was struggling with something deep inside that wouldn’t let me reach out and put my work out there. While I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what was stopping me, I knew I had to break out of my comfort bubble, completely.

I got married and joined the armed forces shortly after to not only help support my wife and family but to also break out of my comfort bubble. My wife was a huge inspiration and help in my decision to move forward in my career and enlist. While training, I learned so much about myself, my values, and what was getting in my way of living the life I knew I wanted and could have.

Now, thanks to the power of the internet, I share content online and continue my journey in being the internet’s older brother.